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#LEWEB10 Stimmen aus dem Publikum

von 13. Dezember 2010 Kein Kommentar

Bin gerade zur├╝ck von der #LEWEB10 Konferenz in Paris, bevor ich meine Eindr├╝cke zu Papier oder Bildschirm bringe, dauert es noch ein wenig, die zweit├Ągige Konferenz war sehr beeindruckend, zuerst ein paar „Stimmen aus dem Publikum“.

Ever noticed that "I am flying to paris" is cosmopolitan. Flying to london like taking a bus. #leweb
Andreas Klinger
RT @: Cars stopped being perceived as symbols of modernity. Our industry failed to be a symbol of modernity - #LeWeb
Luca Sartoni
"Privacy is actually not easy. Your privacy is different than my privacy." Ethan Beard #leweb
Tara missrogue Hunt
Wow. @ asks the crowd who has logged into the new MySpace in the past couple of weeks...2% say they have #leweb
Tara missrogue Hunt
At least it is good to see that no demo startup talks about advertisement as main revenue source #leweb
Ozgur Aksakal
Very likely that Angry Birds will keep its ad-based model on Android and paying model on iPhone #leweb
Frédéric Boyadjian
The audience here at LeWeb grumbled at PayPal's Osama Bedier's answers about why they shut down Wikileaks.
Robert Scoble
Surprised that Wordpress is still not focused on revenue (after many years!), but happy that they exist. #leweb
Tara missrogue Hunt
Spectacular Firefox demo of 3D rendering in HTML5 pulling live Internet content by Mitchell Baker, Mozilla Foundation #leweb #leweb10
Carlos Domingo
Falls noch jemand eine tolle Start-Up-Idee sucht: Ein funktionierender Taxi-Ruf in Paris dürfte ein Goldgrube sein. #leweb10
Mario Sixtus
"Browser is the wrong word. We don't browse anymore." -@ Brilliant! #LeWeb
Gabriel Rodrigue
#LeWeb @: the cost of technology and customer acquisition substantially lower than 10yrs ago, main cost - people #vc
Chris Kowalczyk
Gerade sehr gute Präsentation von @ zum Thema "Social Business Forecast 2011" gesehen. #LeWeb10 #like
Total number of devices at #LeWeb: 4688 (72% Apple, 10% Intel, 5% HTC), total traffic: 1.12TB !!!
judging panel at #leweb-venteprivee,meetic,free,pricem,allocine founders.Gd to be only non french!
"American entrepreneurs being interviewed in English by journalists who have flown in... from California." #leweb
Michael Gartenberg
This is a huge win for startups. "Data is the Next Major Layer of the Cloud" #leweb (Via @) #innovation #SMAB
Innovation Junkies
RT Dennis Crowley: Damn right !!! "Having mobile / internet access on the subway is a game changer. #paris #GetItTogetherNYC" @ #leweb
Emmanuel Bellity
Perhaps yes, perhaps no RT @ @: Foursquare is the future of loyalty cards, says @ #LeWeb
Yes, Phil showed it at #LeWeb RT @: Evernote's numbers are a good lesson for all apps with Freemium model
Chris Kowalczyk
RT @: PayPal's Bedier asked why blocking WikiLeaks pymnts. "State Dept told us these were illegal activities. Straightfwd." #leweb
Stefan Tirtey
Well done to @ and @ for a superb @ Great for European internet entrepreneurs. Well done!
Roberto Bonanzinga

Eine sehr nette Idee hatten die.Socialisten f├╝r LeWeb: LeWall eine SocialMedia Wall sozusagen, zuletzt waren es 25.000 Tweets.

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