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World Blogging Forum Vienna 2010 #wbf2010

von 9. November 2010 Kein Kommentar

World Blogging Forum was in my radar when Helge and Ritchie were invited to take part at last years‘ World Blogging Forum in Bucharest, Romania. It was a new kind of gathering for blogger to give them a chance to discuss blogger-related-topics and a lot about the freedom of speech as I could follow the discussions from abroad via Twitter. It was not a conference nor a barcamp, that was all I could figure out from the pics and posts after the event. Read Ritchie’s #wbf2009 coverage about last years‘ event.

This year a similar event will take place in Austria. Ritchie aka @datadirt (or @datenschmutz for german) took the idea of World Blogging Forum partnered with A1 Telekom Austria and set a big event for discussing „The Future of digital Media“. I am really glad to be able to take part and contribute to the discussion on

1. Global Com­mu­ni­ca­tion Trends 2010 to 2020: An in-depth look at the future of dig­i­tal media
2. Pol­i­tics, Edu­ca­tion, Work and Health: The role of dig­i­tal media in future soci­eties / Futur­is­tic Lifestyles
3. Evolv­ing Pro­sumers: Trends in media usage / pro­duc­tion in the next 10 years

The hashtag is either #wbfv2010 or #wbf2010 it was set the previous one but everybody is using the second one, so the prosumer of tomorrow will decide which one it will use;) Update: Ritchie just told the hashtag is #wbf2010 it was just a misspelling on the website.

When I first looked up the registered participants on I wondered why I should attend as I can meet all Austrian bloggers any other time somewhere else, I think it is the benefit of conferences to get to know new members of the blogger community or others coming from abroad therefore I decided to introduce you two foreign bloggers I know and one blogger I want to meet at #wbf2010.

If you like the idea you can go on with 3 bloggers you know and introduce them, I would be delighted.

Luca Sartoni an italian blogger living in Vienna

Fotocredits Teymur Madjderey

Luca Sartoni is an italian blogger, he was already part of WBF2009, now he is living in Vienna, Austria and working for 123people as social media team leader. Besides social media he is a passionate photographer and right now he loves Instagram. He is one of the young people with passion and curiosity, he tries everything and find out ways of using or doing things differently.


Tunç Kılınç a humorous turkish blogger with a huge community


Tunç Kılınç has started blogging when blogging was for our ears like … He is now running one of the most influential blogs in Turkey, he built up a community of his own „Fikir Atölyesi“ meaning „studio for ideas“ (Ideenwerkstatt) where he blogs about life, mankind, traditions, innovations, social media (compulsory as a blogger;)), what he thinks where we are going, and his ideas for us to become „unique“. Couple of years ago he started a kind of activism „anonymus favor“ where you can do a favor to somebody you don’t know and just leave a card telling that it was an „anonymous favor“. He is one of the people who can think of a topic in hundred different ways and is always seeking for new ideas and new ways.


Georg Guensberg austrian blogger about energy, clean tech and much more


Let’s read who is Georg Guensberg: „a consultant in politics and strategic communications. My main focus lies on energy and clean tech issues.“ and he goes on about his blog „So my professional and private background is not limited to them. Neither is guensblog only limited to those issues. The blog aims to provide and discuss some of the ideas, stories and opinions I keep an eye on. It´s not only professional but personal, too.“ He was suddenly among the austrian twitterers and I noticed his tweets about sustainable cities, renewable energy and politics. I don’t know if he ever attended a barcamp or a social media event, but until now I did not have the chance to meet him, hope to change that on saturday.


And to explain why I wrote this post in English I take Georg Guensberg’s statement:

The blog is bilingual. There are German and English language postings. That´s simply the way I work. But I do not offer translations, just different languages for different postings. My English is not perfect, but y´know: This is a blog.

This will be the first social media event in Austria I am attending in English language and we shall post more in English so that everybody can follow the conversation, let’s see.

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