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What is #abtweets

von 15. M├Ąrz 2010 Kein Kommentar

„Food, Digestion, Defecation, Kissing Ass. The True Viennese Pyramid of Needs. Researched and Presented in 140 Characters.“ A Reading.

04_Van Lieshout_BarRectum_200505_BarRectum_VanLieshout_2005

Not all of the 50 million „tweets“ that are posted every day are exactly intellectually inspiring. Many are in fact pretty hard to digest. The artists comb the internet in search of the best „tweets“ referring to „food, digestion, defecation“, „kissing ass“ and „base refuse“, presenting these in 3 separate Twitter-Readings.

Presented by @digiom Jana Herwig @lena_d Lena Doppel @kigo Meral Akin-Hecke @fatmike182 Michael Horak @linzerschnitte Judith Denkmayr

9.4., 5pm 6pm 7pm

in Bar-Rectum designed by Atelier Van Lieshout
(in german Arsch-Bar) MQ Main Court

that’s why the hashtag is #abtweets Arsch-Bar-Tweets
You may send us your favorite tweets by #abtweets we collect them at @abtweets_ favorites

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