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We don’t need more of the same, we need you: personal branding

von 26. November 2009 Kein Kommentar

The second time I was invited to Women’s Career Club as a guest speaker and this time our topic was „First steps to personal branding and online reputation monitoring“. My presentation was more or less an open talk where I showed a lot of websites and social networks. As the WCN Career Club is for international guests my blog post is in english too.

Here I would like to share all the links we talked about and two interesting presentations one in german and one in english.

First monitor:

What can be found about you, about your brand on the internet?

What are people talking about you or your brand on the internet?

First steps:

Some key issues you should consider when starting personal branding on the internet (Blogpost in german by Klaus Eck, PR Blogger)

  • resource & time factor
  • enthusiasm
  • self-confidency
  • personality, how unique are you?
  • no cheating, no lying, be genuine
  • consistency in your branding throughout all networks
  • choose one certain identity you want to be found on the internet and stick to that (more or less)
  • you have an expert status, talk about things where you are good at
  • you are an opinion leader, let people know what is your opinion
  • make up some plans, why do you want to start personal branding, what do you expect from it

The first steps to „The Brand called YOU“ Tom Peters
More about personal branding „Personal Branding Blog“ by Dan Schawbel the author of Me2.0
Weber Shandwick’s White Paper 2009 Risky Business „Reputation Online“

What you can do today:

And just for the fun:  10 things you need to stop tweeting about

Find your way for your personal branding, you are the one who sets up the rules for your brand, go ahead.

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