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Brian Solis ├╝ber „Social Economy“

von 20. Mai 2009 Kein Kommentar

Meine Notizen zum Video von Brian Solis ├╝ber „Social Economy“ bei next09 in Hamburg Anfang Mai 2009.

  • „it’s not about the tools, it’s bout you“
  • tell about „ideas that are touching me, inspiring me, shaping me“ not only what am I doing
  • „we are priviledged to be online and to build up these online relationships“
  • these are gestures that we care for eachother when one follows you, likes your links, subscribes your rss
  • „statusphere is redefining authority“ shaping online conversations, in order to capture attention, to connect with others
  • it’s a two way engagement, think about why you contribute to the web, cause it’s popular, or because of relationships you gain through web

Video zu Brian Solis Vortrag „Social Economy“ bei next09

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