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Sree’s tips for becoming a professional social media user

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Sree Sreenivasan (Columbia University, NY) gave us 7 hrs of intensive social media training and the following tips for becoming a professional social media user.

Checkout these tips:

  • have your bio clickable
  • have your hashtag short & memorable
  • tweet about the stuff you tell you will tweet about in your bio
  • see your followers list and follow back the ones you want to
  • smo = social media optimization
  • social media is like ÔÇ×online datingÔÇť
  • tomorrow social media can get me divorced, get me fired and get me archived at the Congress library
  • Almost everyone will miss almost everything what you do on social media
  •, for metrics & monitoring hashtags, feature to reverse your tweets if you are telling a story
  • aggregating social media news geo-based
  • ssearching for your most influential followers, reach, mutual friends etc.
  • study of your own social media
  • bundles, add curator to your bundle
  • / @burtherman Co-founder of Storify
  • how do you make sure that things live on: with tools like
  • facebook underestimated & undercriticized
  • facebook fatigue / bloomberg study / india will be no1 and brazil the 3rd
  • business page for journalists
  • promote single stories
  • google voice? in austria / personalization of your answering
  • every journalist should try setting up an ad
  • linkedin underappreciated 4% of the world’s workforce
  • google+ using it as a tool ÔÇ×even if nobody is listening google+ is listeningÔÇť
  • change your media diet / find interesting stuff on rww /mashable /wired / cnet / / / tnw / futurezone and many more
  • engaging with your audience / make your social media channels visible
  • as a speaker your success is in your getting more followers after a speech
  • addon to gmail for getting better information about your contacts
  • think about the mode of communication while contacting a person / as a journalist
  • Sree’s Social Media Guide

Sree really made us sing „Social Media Halleluja“ with him

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